“Repent My Soul”

Oh that I could stop looking ’round,
And only look up, away from the crowd.
Stop looking for answers on the outside,
And only look in, where Jesus abides.

Why do I care what others may think?
Why do I revert in merely a blink?
How can I claim the Spirit lives in,
When daily it seems, I give in to sin?

Opportunity to share Christ’s redemption,
Flees from my thoughts when I get attention.

We say to ourselves how could Peter deny,
His life was at stake, what excuse have I?
The truth of the matter, my actions lie.
(Luke 22:54-62)

I completely relate, and thank Paul for saying,
Words that echo as I’m praying,
He’d do the things he didn’t want,
The things he should, a constant taunt.
(Romans 7:15-25)

Just when I thought I was living in truth,
Insidious pride my power, my proof.
It’s clear now who I thought had the power,
Consumed with appearance while being devoured.

Fraudulent! screams my deepest heart,
You’re not even sure what you really want!
How can you think Christ really resides,
With thoughts like yours deep inside?

He knows my darkest, shameful thoughts,
The ones that count as evil dross.
I want them gone, I want them clean!
“No free will!”  my soul doth scream.

Sin separates me from the One I love,
How on this soil, can land the Dove?
How it’s wings must ready and fly,
When from Him, I take my eye.

Lord let me live unfettered and pure,
Calling Your name when I feel unsure.
Teach me how to flee from failure,
The power of You, in me, dear Savior.

Teach me Lord in that moment of weakness,
To wage war, and win, don’t leave me speechless.
Help me do good though evil prowls near,
Teach me to place in Your hands all fear.

Oh that I not be like one that John wrote,
Neither hot nor cold, nor spewed from Your mouth!
Lord let my heart forget how to waver,
Heaven, Lord, I want to savor.
(Revelation 3:15-16)

Thank You for your patience Lord,
Now onward I go, moving forward.
In You I know my hope is found,
My rock my redeemer, my solid ground.
(Psalm 19:13-14)