My last post…January 6th and here it is March 4th. Wow.

Life just keeps happening. The vortex of time has swept me up in twist after painful twist. The landing has left me feeling bemused. That I can still delude myself into thinking everything is okay amazes me. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I still know in my heart I’m blessed beyond measure. I still know that it’s God’s presence in my life that keeps me from giving up. Drowning. But now I know how to savor each day when there is no drama. When there is no mind blowing happening looking to swallow me whole. When there isn’t one element or another grappling for a piece of me. One moment at a time, one breath.

How I’ve changed in the last five or six years.

Physical appearance is only the beginning. I don’t know whose face that is in my mirror every morning…surely not mine?  I see it in my eyes, and in the lines of my face, the results of a life lived with some regrets. Not just my own. I know what empathy is. I hurt for those I love too. I know that I want to pave the way for others to see a better way. To make better choices and not make some of my mistakes, or some I’ve seen loved ones make. It’s with a since of helplessness that I watch as the spinning force slams into hearts I cherish. And I pray. Today, thus far, is a good day. The sky is blue, the sun is bright, and the air has that… warm weather is on it’s way feel. It’s hard not to feel hopeful in the Spring. I’m going to grasp that with both hands today.

I set out on my venture with Blessed? You Bet! to provide a place for my words. More than that though, I’d hoped to provide a place for others to read about some of my struggles. That others could empathize with me, or even see some light at the end of their own vortex. Now in addition to my own blog, I’ve been given the honor and privilege of being invited to write for the, “God-sized Dreams” blog. I’m so excited to be a part of this group of Godly women. I know I will grow and be inspired by them. My first essay will go live on GSD on April 12th. Please don’t wait for mine though…go now and take a look! Be inspired by these faithful, talented writers! I know I’ve been.

May God bless you this day with His peace!

*It’s in the looking back that I see, really see, that I’ve overcome a lot of, “ now known unknowns.”  Tune in for more at God-sized Dreams 4/12/17





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  1. Kris says:

    How exciting and wonderful! I always appreciate your words and insight. Now I’m grateful the hear your voice after a break and also to know that others will be in hearing range soon. God Bless you,


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