“October Morn”

Fall_image blog

I look ‘round this October morn,
And marvel at what I see.
I realize that the changing leaves
Remind me of Calvary.

I once was the a tree in summers adorn,
And proud as proud could be,
Until the day I found the Lord and realized,
He bled on me!

The change began at the tips of my leaves,
I cried Your will not mine,
In shame and happy gratitude,
I fell upon my knees.

Then my leaves were set aflame
As blazing mercy came,
They withered up and fell away,
And bare was all my pain.

The warmth of the Son reached my core,
As buds began anew,
my roots now drenched in the Water of Life,
The source for me and for you.

Now even though I look the same,
My soul has been revived,
The One who shed His blood on me

So now there’s nothing but joy for me,
As round Christ’s table I come,
For through the Blood of our Risen Lord,
We now stand strong as one.

I rejoice in the freedom His body bought,
So I could be His own,
I’ve found in Jesus what my soul heart sought,
Oh what love He’s shown!

I grow and change and age in rings,
Reaching toward the Light,
The bread, His body, the cup, His blood,
Restores my failing sight.

Though I long for Heavens shore,
To hear the angels sing,
Here on earth I’m bound for now,
Awaiting our Sovereign King.

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