“Tiny, Shiny, Remnant”

The windows in my living room amplified the heat from the bright January sun, radiating warmth to my limbs. The sky an icy, clear blue. The solitude audible. Gently rocking to and fro in my rocker I tried to plan my rapidly escaping day. I felt rooted to that spot, basking, rocking…thinking.

I glanced around and saw in the brilliant sun rays, that dusting was in my immediate future. I leaned forward and drew a line through the particulate matter on my coffee table, didn’t I just dust? As I pondered that, a glint caught my eye. I leaned a little closer and found an ornament hook caught in the table scarf. A tiny remnant left from the Christmas Tree that had stood right where I sat a couple of weeks ago.

Dusting will have to wait…

This lone, tiny hook on my coffee table reminded me that there will always be a remnant of God’s people. A remnant to teach others about Him and His Son. He’s shown us that since the beginning. Our fall began with Adam and Eve, the world grew more corrupt by the day. God determined to end it all. But there was Noah, a righteous man, a man that found favor in the eyes of God. (Gen. 6:5-8 NIV) God spared Noah and his family from the great flood that covered the earth. All was destroyed except Noah, his family and the wild life that had come, seven and two by two at God’s invitation. All of these beings resided in the safety of the God instructed, Noah constructed ark. When the waters receded, God made a covenant with Noah, and with the globe. God promised never to destroy the earth with water again, and He set His rainbow in the sky as a reminder. Then he commanded Noah to go and repopulate the earth. (Gen. 9:7-13 NIV)

A remnant.

Much later God appeared to Abraham and revealed that He was going to destroy the wicked towns of Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham’s nephew, Lot, lived in Sodom. Abraham plead with God on Lot’s behalf asking, “if good men can be found there, will they be spared?” God complied. Lot and his family were allowed to leave with the instructions, don’t look back. Lot’s wife gave into the sin of one last, longing look toward her homeland. She became a pillar of salt. Lot and his daughters stayed the course and made it to safety. (This account is in Gen. 18:1-19:26 NIV)

A remnant.

The events listed here occurred in Genesis, the first book of the Bible. Genesis is composed of 50 chapters and these things occurred before chapter 20!! Mankind had barely got started! Through out the Bible you will find the rise and fall of Godly men. Some Godly men gone bad, some bad men gone Godly. Good versus evil. Point being, that a remnant of God’s people remained, and do to this day. Sadly alongside the Godly remnant is the remnant of evil.

Isn’t that how it is? You think you’ve got things all cleaned up only to turn, and find some little reminder, some leftover ornament hook sin that needs destroying. Or sometimes, sometimes, in the very midst of your mess and your dust motes, you find incredible hope and light! You see a tiny glint of the love of Christ shining like a beacon, willing you to come take a closer look at Him.

It seems fitting to end with the last book of the Bible. Revelation, the prophecy of times yet to come, where good is still fighting evil. John tells us in chapter 12 that, “the dragon *(Satan) was enraged at the woman *(Israel, Jews, Christians) and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring—those who keep God’s commands and hold fast their testimony about Jesus. *(Christians, the remnant)

Loved ones, we will battle Satan until the very end. But just as God protected Noah in the ark, and spared Lot and his children, so He will protect those who follow Jesus to victory!

His remnant.

Battle on Christian soldiers and stay the course! Thank You Father, for the God fearing remnant lineage that brought us Jesus Christ. Amen.

*Emphasis mine

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