“Come…Go With Me!”

“Every person who believes that Jesus is, in fact, the Messiah, is God-begotten…” (Continue reading John 5:1-12)

Do you have friends or loved ones who deny Christ? It is painful…and, truth be told, it can be frustrating! As Christians we know and appreciate the peace that surpasses all understanding. We long for our dear ones to have the same but sometimes…they choose not to hear us. That is heartbreaking to say the least. It’s something I can’t even articulate. Losing a Christian loved one to death is hard. Losing a non-Christian loved one is just something I can’t allow myself to think about. Let’s lift up the unsaved today…Pray for sound Christian leaders throughout the world.

And looking up I saw a stone wall, cold, solid, unfeeling,
Unscalable, so tall.

Tears were streaming down my face,
I realized the barricade had taken my place.

Searing loss and sorrow, to the very depths of my soul,
A love the enemy stole.

It wrenches every part of me, this barrier of unbelief,
You there! Behind the freezing stone! Can’t you hear Him call?

I long to lay siege to those who’re lost, souls that won’t comply,
But forcing one to say the words would be to live a lie.

What’s left for me then but to plead their case, praying they’ll believe,
Asking for deliverance from the one who doth deceive.

I long to reach that beating heart, dying on the other side,
To lift it unto Jesus hands, eternity to bide.

If only I could reach it, and make it understand,
Jesus wants it as His own, His only compassionate command.

He only longs to grant assurance as it beats throughout it’s years,
Giving rest and surety, and calming all its fears.

It’s heavy the thought, the heart I won’t feel, when Jesus calls me home,
Pain I cannot bear, I know my God will spare me that, with His loving care.

If that heart decides to change, its wall will surely crumble,
From itself it will brush the dust, redeemed and truly humble.

When this happens to that soul, my joy will know no bound,
I’ll run to greet that loved one, angel song resounds!

I want to share my Lord with all, so with me you will go,
To the land of milk and honey, where streets are paved with gold.

When we’ve all been gathered, around the Mercy Seat,
Each will answer God’s own Son, bowing at His feet.

Whether by death or captured up, I pray that we’ll all be ready,
To kneel before our Savior King, praises forever to Him sing.

And looking up I saw brilliant light, splitting wide the sky…
His Face filling my eye…

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