“Are You Too Close?”

“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for evil,
to give you a future and a hope.”
Jeremiah 29:11 (TLB Emp. Mine)

I was running late as usual! Getting behind a fully loaded dump truck on our little two lane road didn’t help. The truck ground to a halt at the stop sign. Its turn signal indicated that yes, it was going my way. With a puff of my frustration and its black fumes the machine lurched forward, gaining a whopping 30mph. I took a deep breath and followed. I couldn’t see around the large vehicle and found myself getting more annoyed by the ticking second. Then it occurred to me…back off dummy. I was following too closely. Not only was I blinded by the smoke and the back of the truck but something could have fallen out and hit my windshield. I slowed down to a sluggish 20mph and let the lumbering giant get ahead. I was able to see clearly again and far enough out to pass the beast safely. I did just that, the choking exhaust a memory in my rearview mirror. I had been so close to him that I’m not sure he could see me; maybe I was in his blind spot. It wasn’t his fault. He and his truck were functioning as they were supposed to. To the best of their ability.

Once I passed the deterrent I thought, it’s easy to be drawn to an appealing person or a group isn’t it?  It starts out innocently enough; seeking friendship or acceptance. You may think being in their realm will help you find yourself.  The next thing you know you can’t see around them anymore…you’ve filled your vision with that person or group. You’re so close you can’t see your own path. You begin to feel resentful because you’re not being seen, like you don’t’ matter. It seems you’re not moving at all. Perhaps you feel like you’ve failed but don’t know how or at what. Always longing for something. This happens when we choose someone else’s road rather than our own. Have you been there? I have. I’m convinced that when I couldn’t see around my obstacle I missed my road.

stay-back-200-feet-sign-s-9933We need to understand that the person or group we’re following so closely may not realize we’re back there! We may be in their blind spot. They’re busy focusing on their job as intended. They’re not responsible. Flying debris can hit you leaving you feeling rejected, unvalued, angry or discontent. Whatever the feeling, know that it’s time to slow down and pull away a bit. Let the air clear and let the horizon open back up. Breathe. Look up and ask yourself what you’ve been so fixated on. If you see that you’ve lost sight of God and the road He laid out for you, then it’s time to pull over and seek His direction. God laid out your highway and designed you to travel it…at your own pace. Don’t miss your turning point! Take care that you don’t follow your own desires so closely that you lose sight of the Master Navigator.

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