“A Granny’s Prayer”


Here’s a prayer from this Granny’s heart,
For kids that are mine and kids that aren’t

Our Father in Heaven for these children I pray,
Add your child’s name and with me say…

School starts soon if it hasn’t already
Their feelings they feel, can be quite heady

Things are a changing at a rapid rate,
Kids these days have a lot on their plate

Once in the halls, surround them I plead,
Make known in their hearts, it’s You they need

The system is taking You from the helm,
Throwing surroundings into hellish realm

They’d have babes believe what’s wrong is okay,
And teach, don’t think in this God biased way

It’s up to parents and grand’s for sure,
To teach what is Holy, pleasing and pure

As we send them with hugs and a kiss,
Of Your lessons don’t let them remiss

So God please provide Your sweet loving care,
Our children’s hearts we long to spare

Even as they’re learning how to do math,
Guide them God, to the light of Your path,
Sparing them from Your holy wrath.

On our knees we lift them up,
Protect them from, we know not what.

Our hearts for them will always ache,
From the moment we awake…
In Jesus name, please keep them safe.


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