I’m a guest blogger this week…:)

I’m feeling blessed and honored today to be a guest blogger on God Sized Dreams. Check it out!
This blog is a great place to go for encouragement and refreshment in God’s word.
Thank you for this opportunity GSD!!
My article is titled “Cherish the Gift of Aging.” Here is a snippet from the article…

Take heed dear tweens and teens,
Young women, and all in between…
Flesh is fleeting but legacies aren’t,
Leave those you love with peace in their heart.

Above all, learn! Do well in school, focus, excel at something, dream and go for it! Don’t blindly stumble through life. If you have no parental guidance, you’re not alone, but you may have to try harder. Find someone to guide you…go now! If not parents, then church, it’s the best place to start. Seek out the youth pastor, preacher or a Sunday school teacher. If you’re still in school go to your guidance counselor or another trusted adult. But go! Learn all you can academically but more so about God. Learn His will for your life. Say yes to Jesus, your ultimate Guide…Con’t on God Sized Dreams

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