“Stormy Prayer”

Lightening flash and thunder sound
All outside my window,
Rain pours down the earth to pound
No sight of even a sparrow

God’s awesome power and majesty
Throughout the sky displayed,
Rumbles roll and tremble the earth
As I began to pray

Humanity is forgetting You Abba
Trying to change Your laws,
Wandering in the darkness…black,
Chasing twisted cause

Seems we’ve always questioned
Your divine authority,
Even though you’ve shown Yourself
Throughout all history

It’s like we’re going backward God
Even to the time,
Before You sent Your Son to us
The Sacrifice sublime

A cloud by day and flame by night
You led Your people once,
Miles that really weren’t so long
If You’d been kept in sight

You’ve warned us in the Scriptures
Of days upon us now,
Around Your people always
The enemy will prowl

Oh arm us with Your truth dear Lord
As we prepare to battle,
That Your commands are loud and clear
And silent Satan’s prattle

As brilliant bolts light darkened sky,
Blind us with Your Son
Lead us now as You did then
And now I say Amen.

Patti D. Hemphill
July 2015

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