“Humans as Computers?”

Holy Bible User GuideThe crack of dawn wrapped me in bird song and the distant call of a train. Steam swirled up from my fresh cup of coffee as I settled at my desk for God time. I had the house to myself and all was well. All of a sudden a blaring voice startled me witless! For a split second I sat frozen in place! Sighing, I acknowledged it wasn’t the boogie man…or even my cat. It was only my computer warning me that the antivirus program was starting a scan. Normally I don’t hear my computer because I keep the sound off; I do not like when it talks to me. Wiping up the sloshed coffee, I thanked Ms. Antivirus for the information and proceeded to hit the mute button. I chose to sever the communication between me and the software that protects my system. I wouldn’t have a clue what her findings were.
After my fright I tried to settle back into my thoughts but my mind refused to focus. It went to that random place it meanders to sometimes. Here I sat visualizing humans as computers. Complex, unique computers. We’re born with an operating system called Free Will. Free Will, when new, is totally compatible with the God Main Frame but rapidly becomes corrupt and outdated.  In order to operate at peak performance we have to download the Jesus-Salvation program. We’re prompted by our hard-heart drive when it’s time and it’s absolutely FREE!
     The Jesus program is a direct link to God. It also includes the Holy Spirit antivirus software, guaranteed to alert you to the first signs of a virus! The beauty of the Jesus-Salvation program is that it’s, “[1]the same yesterday and today and forever.” The Holy Bible User Guide is a must for those who download the program; it’s readily available online and in bookstores.
     Inside the Guide you’ll find instructions on everything regarding your system. You will learn how to optimize the intrinsic tools included in your unit. The guide also gives complete installation instructions for those contemplating downloading Jesus. Here’s an example, “[2]If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in youheart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”
     Once the download is complete our systems need regular scans and maintenance else we become sluggish and unresponsive. Choosing to ignore infection alerts can lead to an invasion of Satan Worms and Evil Malware that seek to destroy the Jesus-Salvation program. If left untreated the program can become distorted and buried under layers of complacency and neglect. That is until something comes along and forces us to see…or hear about a problem. WARNING: For optimal performance keep your Holy Spirit sound system on; don’t close the pop-ups without reading them first. Study the Bible User Guide every day if only for a moment. It brings us to a better understanding of our Main Frame God and teaches wonderful things about the Jesus-Salvation program. It will show you how to avoid totally crashing! “[3]Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”  Oh yesGod can be reached via prayer mail at, Dear Heavenly Father.com any time, He’s open 24/7/365!

Patti D. Hemphill
June 2015

[1] Hebrews 13:8

[2] Romans 10:9

[3] Psalm 119:105


3 thoughts on ““Humans as Computers?”

  1. Really good comparison. I sometimes feel like my computer runs, sluggish and uncertain of which program to open. I need the Word to stomp out viruses in my life. Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks for dropping in to my tiny lil blog! I love the name of your site…mary-andering…love! I’m an avid crocheter so we have crafty stuff in common!



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