Leave It Buried!

Hebrews 8:12 (KJV)

For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.

delte buttonThere is something sickening about deleting computer files by mistake, but obliterating two thousand of them is beyond words.

While working I got sidetracked by files that were in a weird place, so I stopped to go and fix the problem. After a few keystrokes I gave myself a mental thumbs up for resolving the issue. From there I went to empty my recycle bin and sat dumbfounded as I watched a mass exodus of files disappear. Oh I’d fixed it alright. In the blink of an eye, several year’s worth of information was, zip…poof… gone!

In desperation I began researching how I might retrieve those files, mentally berating myself for inconsistently backing up my hard drive. I had heard that deleted files stay buried in a computer for awhile but can be dug out if you know how. I tried several techniques I found online but to no avail. It was no use.

Tearfully I accepted the loss. I mean, the world didn’t end, nor had National Security been compromised…I could live without them. Lesson learned. In one last ditch effort I sent an email out to my techno guru friend, whom I hated to bother, explaining what I’d done. He told me not to give up yet and to leave my computer alone. Fine by me! He did some research and emailed me a list of no guarantee instructions on how to uncover the material I’d lost. LOW AND BEHOLD IT WORKED!

As I restored my data, I began thinking…wow…I’m grateful God isn’t like this computer. God deletes our sins permanently and remembers them no more; He doesn’t just hide them behind a petition. As humans, we tend to leave our misdeeds in that recycle bin, taking them out to examine from time to time. Friend…that is the work of the enemy, the one who delights in our guilt and shame, making us feel our trash is never gone.God sent Jesus to be our divine Delete Button; through Him our sins are well and truly vanquished! So, refresh daily by applying to your life the Word, your guaranteed to work instructions, and empty that recycle bin through prayer! Our true backup system is Christ. Alone we’re apt to delete the things we need or dig up trash that’s best left buried.


Patti D. Hemphill
May 2015


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